PT ASRI PANCAWARNA is a relatively young company established in mid-2005 that is dedicated to the production of porcelain tiles under the brands INDOGRESS and DECOGRESS to cater to premium domestic and overseas markets.

The Company is led by experienced senior management personnel, all of whom came from within the ceramic tile industry.

Our tiles are manufactured using only the latest technology imported from various leading machinery and equipment suppliers in Europe renowned for their superior reliability. The state- of-the-art technology used is further subjected to continuous upgrades and enhancements.

Dynamic innovation within our organization positions us to constantly progress and adapt in line with changes of preference and taste in the international marketplace.

PT ASRI PANCAWARNA is fully aware of the need to adopt a responsible approach towards both social and environmental conditions. Therefore, we comply with industrial requirements in the areas of environmental protection and eco-management.

We pursue a sustainable and responsible relationship with our clients by integrating a strong customer service ethos with a personal approach to foster mutual benefits.

Our team constantly strives to create and enhance innovative and aesthetic products for living spaces throughout the world.
The product lines of PT ASRI PANCAWARNA include polished and unpolished tiles encompassing salt & pepper, unicolor, multi pipe, double loading, full body glazed porcelain tiles, full body dry powder stones and slate tiles.


To become a well-known and respected Porcelain Tile Manufacturer in The World by 2016


To become a well-known and respected Porcelain Tile Manufacturer in The World by 2016 with key strengths in:

  • Quality
  • Stock Availability
  • Service
  • International Exposure (Marketed globally)