To install the granite tiles is not that hard, you can just follow this 12 easy-to-follow steps instruction guide.

  • install 1

    After opening the box of tiles, first check that the tiles have
    the same size, color and pattern (except when intentionally
    acquiring different tiles to obtain a special decorative effect).

  • install 2

    To obtain the best decorative effect, align the tiles by paying
    attention to its pattern and the direction of the pattern.
    Clean the base wall or floor first before setting them.

  • install 3

    Prior to setting the tiles, draw horizontal and vertical lines
    on the surface to act as a guide. Make sure that these lines
    form a 90 degree angle on each corner. Also make sure that
    the surface is even.

  • install 4

    We recommend using cement #325 for installing tiles.
    For block tiles, use cement #425 or a mixture of it with
    a strengthening agent. Wet the back of individual tiles
    before setting them in.

  • install 5

    To avoid problems caused by different thermal expansion
    coefficients between ceramic and concrete, make sure that
    there is sufficient space between tiles; 3mm for exterior
    wall tiles, 1.5mm for interior wall tiles,
    3-5mm for floor tiles, and 5-15mm for imitation stone tiles.

  • install 6

    In the installation process, apply grout to fill the gaps
    between tiles. After it has dried, proceed to polish the surface.
    This latter step is especially useful for exterior wall tiles
    to achieve the best decorative effect. An alternative step is
    to apply colored grout.

  • install 7

    In installing tiles on corners, use a proper amount of grout.
    Apply a thickness of around 1cm and proceed to set the tile.
    After being placed, gently apply force using the wooden back
    end of a hammer to align the surface and the edges.

  • install 8

    During the previous step, knock the tile multiple times
    to make sure it has firmly stuck.

  • install 9

    Wait an hour before cleaning any excess cement or other materials on the tiles.

  • install 10

    After 12 hours has passed, check for hollow parts under
    the tiles with a hammer. If you find one, repeat the
    installation process for that tile.

  • install 11

    In 24 hours, you can proceed with washing the tiles with
    clean water and a cleaning agent. The result will be
    a beautifully-decorated wall or floor to your satisfaction.

  • install 12

    Do not proceed to use the tiles if you have doubts about the quality.
    If you experience this, immediately contact our authorized
    dealers or our factory.